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I believe that volunteerism is a positive and supported effort that enriches ones’ quality of life. As I reflect back, I see the many smiles of those of them who I have come in contact with through WEW, Inc. The thought brings a smile to my face just to know that I had an impact individually or whether by a collaborative effort to touch lives. Just to know and to see the smile on a single mom's face as well as her son, when we assisted and taught her how to transform her living condition on a minimum cost. After her living/ dining transformation, she was so eager to use her skills to transform her bedrooms it help her realized that her quality of life is what she makes of it.[Read More]

This organization was formed based upon my life experience of being a teen mom and watching my mother suffer as a victim of domestic violence.  As a teen mom, I was determined to graduate high school with my classmates and not be a statistic.[Read More]

Why We Were Formed?


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Provide a support system (spiritual, mental, physical, and social) that will encourage people to impact the next generation and influence of the world around them.


Our mission is to provide services and resources to help a person in their personal growth, to become self-sufficient in every area of their

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We are about EMPOWERMENT!